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Greg Jouriles Biography

Social Science Teacher at Hillsdale High School
Con to the question "Do Standardized Tests Improve Education in America?"

“There are two main arguments against using standardized tests to guarantee that students reach at least a basic level of academic competency. The first is radical: These tests are not necessary. The second—less radical and more familiar—is that, even if standardized testing were an efficient benchmark of basic skills, the costs associated with it are too high.

[W]e don’t learn much from standardized testing, and we have lost a great deal by giving it so much prominence. The common core is at risk for failure, not because the standards are bad per se, but because with standardized accountability, as in so many partial reforms, we again won’t get a real picture of achievement, people will be disappointed, and the standards and testing will run their course.”

“Here’s Why We Don’t Need Standardized Tests,”, July 8, 2014

Involvement and Affiliations:
  • Coordinator, San Mateo County Mock Trial, Sep. 2009-present
  • Social Science Teacher, Hillsdale High School (San Mateo, CA), 1985-present
  • President, San Mateo Union High School District Teachers Association, 1998-2004
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