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Latasha Gandy Biography

Executive Director of Students for Education Reform
Pro to the question "Do Standardized Tests Improve Education in America?"

“Year after year, standardized test results have exposed glaring racial biases in our education system. Teachers and schools are no longer able to hide behind school averages in performance, and are now having to answer for the low academic performance of students of color and low-income students…

Many teachers embrace standardized test data. They use it to celebrate success and pinpoint areas for improvement. My own children attend schools that use testing to set goals and measure progress rather than consider it a punishment. The school regularly shares test data with me, has a clear plan for helping my daughters in areas they’re struggling in, and gives me tips I can use at home.”

“Don’t Believe the Hype: Standardized Tests Are Good for Children, Families and Schools,”, Jan. 11, 2016

Involvement and Affiliations:
  • Executive Director, Students for Education Reform, Aug. 2015-present
  • Minnesota Managing Director, Students for Education Reform, Sep. 2014-Aug. 2015
  • Recipient, Bush Fellowship, 2015
  • Program Director, Students for Education Reform, May 2013-Sep. 2014
  • Youth Outreach Coordinator, Metropolitan State University, Aug. 2011-May 2013
  • Paralegal, Duggins Law Firm, Aug. 2009-June 2011
  • Project Manager, Merrill Corporation, Sep. 2004-Apr. 2008
  • BS, magna cum laude, Legal Studies, Metropolitan State University, 2013
  • AS (Associate of Science), Inver Hills Community College, 2011
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