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Wendy Lecker, JD Biography

Former President of the Stamford [Connecticut] Parent Teacher Council
Con to the question "Do Standardized Tests Improve Education in America?"

“With the standardized tests we have now, our children’s education is being narrowed. All over this state, art, music, social studies and foreign language courses are being squeezed out to prep for CMTs [Connecticut Mastery Tests] and CAPTs [Connecticut Academic Performance Tests].

Not only is our curriculum being narrowed, but so is the way our children learn. They are being trained how to give canned answers to prepackaged questions, rather than learning how to think for themselves. Both teachers and students are increasingly suffering through mind-numbing scripted lessons.
Students, especially those in the neediest districts, are being denied the opportunity for a rich and varied education because of the pressure put upon districts to increase test scores in just a few subjects. Imagine what will happen when high-stakes tests are implemented in every subject. Instead of a piece of clay or a paintbrush, a 6-year-old will now be handed a worksheet. Far-fetched? It is already happening in Colorado.”

“Evaluation System Will Compound Problems,”, Mar. 9, 2012

Involvement and Affiliations:
  • Regular Education Columnist for the Stamford [Connecticut] Advocate
  • Former President, Stamford [Connecticut] Parent Teacher Council
  • Former Staff Attorney, Campaign for Fiscal Equity
  • Former Consultant for the Rural Schools and Community Trust
  • JD, New York University School of Law, 1988
  • AB, Cornell University, 1984
  • Legal name is Wendy Carolyn Lecker